Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 301 Raw

Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 301 Raw

Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 301 Raw

ダイヤのエース 第2幕 301話
Diamond no Ace act 2
chapter 301
Raws Japanese

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Explanation of What happened in this chapter:-

Mei lands a good hit to deep RF, Shirasu kept chasing it and it hits the ledge of the fence and wasn’t a HR but instead a Double. Mei got to 2nd and he lost his minds because he thought it was going to go out. Inajitsu dugout is livid and excited.

Itsuki gets up to bat and Harada’s walk up song “African Symphony”. Inajitsu gets a loud cheer for them. Miyuki says it feels as if that atmosphere was similar to that of the Ugumori game, he signals Sawamura “let’s shut them up” and Sawamura smiles at that.

Itsuki gets in a bunt stance and the first pitch is a Cutter, which he bunts fouled. He returns to batting stance to hit the next pitch, 2nd pitch is a Splitter and he watches it for a ball. Itsuki is determined to not letting it end here for Inajitsu, Sawamura pitches a Cutter and Itsuki is jammed and popped it up to Center field but Toujou couldn’t get to it and let it drop. Tadano runs pointing a fist pumps in the air and Mei also starts running.

break next week. Daiya returns on the 7th of Sept

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